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Wilpattu National Park

The largest of the National Parks in Sri Lanka. The unique feature of this park is the existence of "Villus" (Natural lakes) - Natural, sand-rimmed water basins or depressions that fill with rainwater. There are nearly sixty lakes (Villus). Common mammals are the Elephant, Leopard, Sloth bear and Jackal (grey and brown).

Typical Cost for two Foreign Adults:
LKR 17,480 (USD 122 / EUR 112). (see below for detail)

Safari Jeep Tour (Private Tour Operators)
Same price for 1 or 8 people (so if find others to share cost/head becomes less)

Half Day LKR 6,000 (USD 38/EUR 29)
Full Day  LKR 10,000 (USD 70/EUR 52)

Entrance Fees to Wilpattu National Park, Eluvamkulam Entrance:
Fees Charged by Department of Wildlife, Sri Lanka

Park Fees for Entry (Day Visit)
Applicable Fees
Local Resident Adult
LKR 60.00
Local Resident Child (between 6-12 years)
LKR 30.00
School Children (per child)
LKR 20.00
Foreign Adult
USD 15.00
Foreign Child (between 6-12 years)
USD 8.00

Charges for Vehicle
Applicable Fees
For Each Jeep or Double Cab
LKR 250.00
For Each Van
LKR 250.00
For Each Car
LKR 125.00
For Each Bus
LKR 400.00

Service Charge
Single visit during hours local tour group
LKR 300.00
Single visit during hours foreign tour group
USD 08.00

Plus VAT 12% for grand Total

Typical Cost for two people.

The whole Wilpattu National Park (and other National Parks in Sri Lanka) are expensive for foreign visitors. That includes expat Sri Lankans who no longer hold a Sri Lankan passport or National ID (NIC). So suggest that you do a full day safari to get your moneys worth. That said there no gurantee in seeing any of the big mammals as luck is important.

Safari Jeep Private (Half Day 6,000)
LKR   10,000
Suggested Tip to Govt/Park provided Guide
LKR   1,000
Total for Safari Jeep
LKR 11,000
Park Entrance at USD 15/person
USD 30
Service Charge
USD 08
Vehicle Entry (LKR 250)
USD 02
12% VAT (USD 4.8 for USD 40 * 12%)
USD 05
Total Govt/Park Fees
USD 45

Grand Total For two foreign visitors
Jeep+Tip 11,000 + Park Fees 6,480 (USD 45*144)

LKR 17,480 (USD 122 / EUR 112).

*USDLKR=144.00 and EURLKR=155.00


Elavankulam (also spelled Eluvamkulam, Eluwankulama on Google Maps) is the last town just before the Wilpattu National Park entrance on the Puttlam Mannar Road. Its last town after Wanathavillu.

Eluvamkulam is a frontier town, but still centrally located. Its a 15 minute boat ride to Kalpitiya from Gangewadiya (5 km from Eluvankulam).

Its 70 km to Mannar with The Doric, Arippu Fort on the way. 152 km to Pooneryn/Sangupiddy Bridge and 180 km to Jaffna Town.

To Madu Church it is about 80 km.


Sereno: +94 77-858 4009
Kumari: +94 78-834 9007