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Dolphin and Whale Watch Boat Trip from Kalpitiya

We arrange Dolphin and Whale watch tours (Nov-April) from Kalpitiya for those who stay at our place.

  • Dolphins as many as hundereds.
  • Blue and Sperm Whales high likelyhood.
  • Includes snorkelling at Bar Reef the biggest coral reef in Sri Lanka.
  • Upto 6 people per boat.
  • Best Time: Morning Before Noon (before the tide comes in).
    Tides are at fixed times in Sri Lanka because its at a node, amphidromic point
Dolphin and Whale Watch Cost
Boat Cost (Max 4 hours)
LKR 9,000
Tuk-Tuk to Boat Launch and back (from Wilpattu House)
LKR 3,000
Wildlife Dept Fee
2 Foreign Adults @ LKR 1,200 each

Grand Total LKR 16,400 (USD 126/EUR 102 *)

*USDLKR=130.00 and EURLKR=160.00



Elavankulam (also spelled Eluvamkulam, Eluwankulama on Google Maps) is the last town just before the Wilpattu National Park entrance on the Puttlam Mannar Road. Its last town after Wanathavillu.

Eluvamkulam is a frontier town, but still centrally located. Its a 15 minute boat ride to Kalpitiya from Gangewadiya (5 km from Eluvankulam).

Its 70 km to Mannar with The Doric, Arippu Fort on the way. 152 km to Pooneryn/Sangupiddy Bridge and 180 km to Jaffna Town.

To Madu Church it is about 80 km.

We recommend Rough Guide to Sri Lanka for broader price range of accomodation and detailed description of locales.


Sereno: +94 77-858 4009
Kumari: +94 78-834 9007