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Genealogy Resources on Ceylon

Golden Book of India and Ceylon (1900) Sir Roper Lethbridge
The Ceylon Section of the above volume.

Kitty Wood by Richard Kanagasundaram
The sad saga of the American Missionary wife of Mudliyar K. C Barr-Kumarakulasinghe

Tamil Poetry and Hymns from 1875-1945
A compilation of verse, writing and reference by the Barr-Kumarakulasinghe family of Tellipalai, Jaffna
VijayVan on BrownPundits comments: Excellent craftsman of traditional Tamil poem with it’s rules of prosody, meters, and phonics. This is what literati used to write till Modern Poetry took over. Even now there are many versifiers in traditional meters. In fact, some themes especially the last verse in page 8 directly trace their roots to sangam Tamil. Their ragas and talas are set to Carnatic music. These verses are ditto from Bhakti poetry. On a side note , Chritsian Tamil is an interesting phenomenon. It usually eschews pure Tamil and incorporates many Sanskritised words which people know. Your document is peppered with such sansritised Tamil

Also see other comments by Vijayvan re Tamil.
sbarrkum: On use of Sankritised Tamil
VijayVan replies:On Use of Sankritised Tamil vs Pure Tamil
sbarrkum replies: On similarity of Tamil word Anukkra (as in Anukkranayagam) to Sinhalese Anugraha



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