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Entrance Cottage : LKR: 3,000 (USD 23 / EUR 17)

A secluded private stand alone cottage. Has three beds, attached bathroom, open verandah (can add camp cots or mattresses). There is also mini pantry with sink, dishes and dishes. The bedroom has standup fans and mosquito nets (not needed for the dry season because there always a strong breeze). The roof of the cottage can be cooled during the afternoon by turning on a drip system. In case that’s not cool enough there is just outside the cottage a coconut cadjan (pol athu) hut where you can hang out and enjoy the breeze.

When you sit out at night there is 180 degree view of the the bright stars overhead. If you keep an eye toward the sky chances of seeing a shooting star are very high. During late October to December it will be many shooting stars. Check the meteor shower calendar for largest amounts of shooting stars.

Top Cottage

Two Rooms with each with Attached Bathroom
         LKR 2,500 (USD 15 / EUR 12) per room

Basic two small rooms with bathroom two beds, fan and mosquito net and toilet and verandah.

Kitchen and Pantry :

We have an open hearth fireplace and a regular pantry. Most of the food is cooked on the open hearth for our traditional village food. We also have a gas stove available for dishes that needed to be cooked quickly. You can either bring your own provisions and have the food cooked on location or discuss menu options if reasonable notice. (Many things like butter and beef need to be brought in from Puttalam 30 km away and 45 minute drive each way.)

Other :

Please NOTE: we are a very small operation and not geared to provide driver accomodation.

Please purchase beer/liquor from Puttalam or Negombo/Anuradhapura (greater choice).

There is no Bank/Money Changer. Nearest location is Puttalam, 30 km away. Please plan accordingly.

Rates :

  • Entrance Cottage: LKR 3,000 (USD 21 / EUR 19) for Party of Three
  • Two Rooms:  LKR 2,500 (USD 18 / EUR 16) per room.
  • Meals: Lunch/Dinner approx LKR 600 (USD 4 / EUR 3.75) per person.
  • USDLKR=150 and EURLKR=160

Elavankulam (also spelled Eluvamkulam, Eluwankulama on Google Maps) is the last town just before the Wilpattu National Park entrance on the Puttlam Mannar Road. Its last town after Wanathavillu.

Eluvamkulam is a frontier town, but still centrally located. Its a 15 minute boat ride to Kalpitiya from Gangewadiya (5 km from Eluvankulam).

Its 70 km to Mannar with The Doric, Arippu Fort on the way. 152 km to Pooneryn/Sangupiddy Bridge and 180 km to Jaffna Town.

To Madu Church it is about 80 km.

We recommend Rough Guide to Sri Lanka for broader price range of accomodation and detailed description of locales.


Sereno: +94 75-782-3488