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Puttalam to Wilpattu Eluwankulam Entrance 32 km
Puttalam to Mannar (thru Nanattan) 120 km
Mannar to Pooneryn/Sangupiddy Bridge 82 km
Mannar to Jaffna Town 110 km

230 km Puttalam to Jaffna via Wilpattu Mannar, Pooneryn
270 km Puttalam to Jaffna via Anuradhapura/Vauniya

Mannar to Jaffna thru Poonerin Bridge Causeway

Absolutely no issue,in either taking a bus or driving/riding a car, motorbike, scooter or bicycle. The bridge has been built since a few years ago (2011 or earlier and the road has been carpeted since mid 2014. There is a bus probably around three times a day to and from Jaffna to Mannar. See here for a blog report on Mannar to Jaffna Bus trip in 2012.

Mannar to Puttalam thru Wilpattu Park (B379 and B403)

The road is carpeted most of the way except for the stretch thru Wilpattu National Park. The road thru Wilpattu is gravel (boralu) but a car can be driven, including Maruti Suzuki's. There is also a bus that goes from Mannar-Silavathurai-Eluvankulam-Puttalam. (Detailed Info here). Contact us for interesting stopovers along the way.

Getting across Kokillai Lagoon

How to cross Kokilai/Pulmuddai Lagoon if traveling by bus/bicycle/motorbike or larger vehicle. (Detailed Info Here)


Elavankulam (also spelled Eluvamkulam, Eluwankulama on Google Maps) is the last town just before the Wilpattu National Park entrance on the Puttlam Mannar Road. Its last town after Wanathavillu.

Eluvamkulam is a frontier town, but still centrally located. Its a 15 minute boat ride to Kalpitiya from Gangewadiya (5 km from Eluvankulam).

Its 70 km to Mannar with The Doric, Arippu Fort on the way. 152 km to Pooneryn/Sangupiddy Bridge and 180 km to Jaffna Town.

To Madu Church it is about 80 km.

We recommend Rough Guide to Sri Lanka for broader price range of accomodation and detailed description of locales.


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